Gala Bingo Peterhead

Please Note:

Gala Bingo Peterhead has now closed down. This page will be left for historical purposes.

About Gala Peterhead

Located next to Central Taxis just off Broad Street in Peterhead, you will find all the usual facilities inside this rather subdued looking bingo hall. Although it may not appear that enticing from the outside, once inside you will find the modern and clean interior much to your satisfaction.

Although the opening hours are pretty inconsistent, there is plenty going on when it is open and you will find the usual amenities associated with a national chain such as Gala inside. The diner is pretty decent and serves the usual fare whilst the pub serves mainstream drinks including a selection of wines, spirits, lagers and some ales.

There are good disabled facilities with full access inside and out as well as hearing loop for those of partial hearing. There are slots machines (sometimes the hall is only open for these and no bingo is taking place) and there is also an external smoking shelter. You will also find a cash machine inside.

Promotional Offers

Currently, there are two main promotions being run at Gala Peterhead. Special Weekend provides a nice little weekend bonus with reduced prices, whilst the ‘delicious Friday’ offer gives you money off food on Friday’s.

Opening Times and Sessions

Gala Bingo Peterhead is one of the smaller bingo halls in Aberdeenshire and as such is does not have opening hours in keeping with many of the other larger Gala bingo halls across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

You can see the latest opening hours for Gala Peterhead in the table below:

(Table removed – club is now closed)


Despite being a smaller than average bingo hall, when it’s time for eyes down it is serious stuff and this place does get busy at peak times. Prices range from £4 per session for most afternoon games and go up to £6 and £8 for late afternoon and evening games.

As well as the paper tickets you can also purchase electronic packages. The prices of these packages vary depending on which day and session it is. Saturday sessions range from 15 tickets for £10 to 96 tickets for £55 whilst the same packages on a Tuesday would cost you £6 for 15 tickets ranging up to £33 for 96 tickets.

All of the pricing information for paper and electronic tickets is available on the Gala website.

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