Gala Bingo Kettering

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Please Note:

Gala Bingo Kettering has now closed down. This page will be left for historical purposes.


Considering the size of the town, Gala Kettering is a large (up to 2000 capacity) bingo hall in the centre of town. Being housed in an old cinema, this bingo hall still retains much of its splendour from yesteryear and boasts many of the original features of the cinema.

Despite its town centre location, the club does offer some limited parking and of course, there is plenty more to be had at the various town centre car parks. If you are travelling by bus then you can either stop at Horse Market or Station Road taking number 48, 49, 50 or X1 for the former and 9, 15 and X1 for the latter. In addition to bus routes, there is also the option of the train with Kettering Train Station being just a 10-minute walk away.

The facilities at Kettering Gala are excellent and there is a large bar and restaurant area to help you stay refreshed during your visit. There are cashpoints on site as well as an arcade area so there is plenty to keep you entertained.

The atmosphere is a friendly one and at peak times the bingo hall can be busy although it very rarely reaches capacity so you can just turn up and play.


There are various promotions and special events going on through the year at Gala and the Kettering branch is no different. 2017 has seen events such as Ladies Night (£5 per ticket) which we can only imagine what happens. Special offers are usually posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages (links above) and you should also check your mobile for SMS promotions if you are a member.

Opening Times

Gala Kettering is open from 11.30am-11pm Monday to Thursday, 11.30am-12am Friday to Saturday and 4pm-12am Sunday.

Mainstage bingo tends to start at 12pm daily with the first chance afternoon game usually commencing at 12.25pm weekdays and 12.45pm on Saturday. Evening bingo always starts at 6.45pm for the first chance game.


The cost of bingo at Gala Kettering is varied with Monday to Wednesday prices being £4 for evening sessions and £6 for afternoon games on all weekdays.

Friday and Sunday evening are the most expensive sessions and cost £11 for the main event, £1.50 for the first chance and £1 for the last chance – meaning you can get all your bingo for £13.50 which is very reasonable indeed.


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