Mecca Bingo Blyth


Mecca Bingo Blyth is a large purpose-built bingo hall set right in the centre of this coastal town alongside the River Blyth. Although there is plenty going on around the local area, Mecca Blyth is a major part of the nightlife here – although of course it is also widely used during the day. With a number of local restaurants and takeaways in the area including Maharaj’s Lounge, there is plenty to tempt you away from the club, however, you really can spend hours here without needing to leave if you so wish.

Set on Rink Street, the club is highly recognisable with the familiar branded blue detailing around this impressive large white building. Getting here is fairly straightforward thanks to the central location, however, there is quite limited parking so be aware of that. Bus routes run to Rink Street and you can take the Max x7, Max x9 or Cobalt Clipper 309 to within spitting distance of Mecca Blyth.

The facilities at Mecca Blyth are excellent and you will find all the usual amenities on offer such as a good bar and restaurant area, an arcade centre and disabled access.

The club is really pushing their use of social media and specifically their Facebook page and has taken to using video to promote a range of new and exciting offers including double money wins for the same cost of entry.

Opening Times

Monday 11.45 AM – 10.30 PM
Tuesday 11.45 AM – 10.30 PM
Wednesday 11.45 AM – 10.30 PM
Thursday 11.45 AM – 10.30 PM
Friday 11.45 AM – 10.30 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 10.30 PM
Sunday 11.45 AM – 10.30 PM

Mecca Blyth is open from 11.45 am Sunday to Friday and from 10.45 am on Saturday. The club closes at 10:30 pm every evening.


Prices at Mecca Blyth start from just £2 per session with all of the 6 pm early evening games costing this minimal amount. Most other games are priced at £2-£16 although the evening main session costs £21 on Friday and Sunday.


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