Gala Bingo Woking

Please Note:

Gala Bingo Woking has been rebranded as Buzz Bingo. You can click here to see the latest Buzz Bingo times, prices and offers.

This page will be archived for historical purposes and some details may no longer be accurate.


Situated in the Big Apple Entertainment Complex, Gala Woking is found right slap bang in the centre of the town and has a loyal following among the locals. Getting here is very easy thanks to the town centre location although if you are driving you won’t be able to park directly on site.

Woking Train Station is a very short walk away and the fastest route from there is down Chertsey Road. There are over 20 different bus routes that service the area with Victoria Way opposite the car park being the best place to stop. You can also stop on The Broadway near the train station if you so wish.

If you are driving to Gala Woking then the best place to park is at Victoria Way Car Park and we suggest you park on level 4 where you can walk directly across the aerial bridge towards the HG Wells Building. Don’t forget to validate your ticket at Booksales to receive a 50% discount on your parking.

The bingo hall itself is a lively place and does get busy at the weekend. It is branded in line with Gala inside and has comfortable if uninspiring seating as well as a range of arcade machines, e-bingo and disabled access. You will find an ATM inside along with a bar serving hot and cold drinks, soft drinks, alcohol and food.

The Facebook page is updated on a daily basis and there is also a Twitter feed for this specific location although this is not updated as regularly.


Gala Woking has a number of deals and discounts available and these are now mainly being communicated through Facebook, Twitter and SMS messages. Regular giveaways are taking place and there are other promotions for groups (especially hen party’s).

Opening Times

Gala Woking runs two bingo sessions per day (no morning bingo here) and the opening times are 11.45am-11pm Monday to Friday, 11am-11pm Saturday and 12pm-11pm Sunday.

Afternoon sessions begin at 12.25pm on weekdays and 12.45pm at weekends with evening sessions starting at 7.30pm for the main sessions and 6.45pm for the early game.


Prices at Gala Bingo Woking start from just £2 for main session afternoon games (Tuesday and Friday) with most afternoon games being priced at around £6. Saturday afternoon is the most expensive game at £11 with the same price applying the evening game that day. Notably, Sunday bingo is comparatively cheap when compared to national prices with the afternoon session costing £6 and the evening session costing just £4!


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