Gala Bingo Tower Park, Poole

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Gala Bingo Tower Park has been rebranded as Buzz Bingo. You can click here to see the latest Buzz Bingo times, prices and offers.

This page will be archived for historical purposes and some details may no longer be accurate.


Gala Bingo Poole is based in the Tower Park retail complex and was one of the first purpose-built bingo halls of its kind in the country. Dating back to 1989, this venue has set the standard for the hundreds of retail park bingo clubs found across the UK. Despite its age of almost 30 years it has retained its modern and sophisticated style throughout thanks to a number of upgrades and refurbishments.

The club itself is located as part of the Tower Park Leisure complex which offers bowling, a cinema, numerous restaurants and even a water park so there is plenty to do in and around the area.

There is plenty of on-site parking (up to 200 spaces) and the club is conveniently located on the A3049 not far from Bournemouth University. The seaside is not far away and you will find this venue popular amongst the locals and seaside holiday tourists alike.

Promotional Offers

There are a number of special offers and promotions at Gala Bingo Tower Park. The Pot of Gold and special tickets offering the chance to win £20,000 for a £1 are regular promotions but you will also find others popping up through the month. Stay tuned to the Gala Facebook page for dedicated offers for the Tower Park club.

Opening Times

Gala Bingo Tower Park (Poole) is open from 9.45am to 1am Monday to Saturday and is open 11.15am to 1am on Sundays.

Morning sessions start at 10.15am every day except for Sunday when it starts at 11.45am. Afternoon sessions commence at 12.25pm Monday to Friday and 12.45pm at weekends.

All evening sessions start at 6.45pm.


The prices at Gala Bingo Tower Park vary from day to day. Prices start from just £2 for the morning sessions, with afternoon sessions mainly costing £7 (some are £4) and evening sessions ranging from £4 to £12 with Friday and Sunday evenings having the highest ticket prices.

There are some big prizes on offer with the Sunday game having 6x £100 houses plus the last game (Money Mountain) promising a payout for a house of up to £1,000.


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