Gala Bingo Aldershot

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Gala Bingo Aldershot has been rebranded as Buzz Bingo. You can click here to see the latest Buzz Bingo times, prices and offers.

This page will be archived for historical purposes and some details may no longer be accurate.


Gala Bingo in Aldershot is located on the High Street in the town centre, just a stone’s throw from the main shops and cafes and almost directly next door to the Empire Banqueting and Hall. This branch of Gala is well known for its friendly atmosphere and bustling crowds – especially when there is an event on.

Being so centrally located there is no dedicated car parking facility, however, drivers will find a multi-storey car park on the same street less than a minute’s walk from the club. For those wanted to travel via public transport, there is the option of the train or the bus. The latter is nearer with the number 15 and Stagecoach Gold 1 buses stopping on the High Street near to Marks and Spencer. The train station is an 8-10 minute walk away and will be useful for those travelling from further afield.

Aldershot has a lot to offer with the Wellington Shopping Centre, Cineworld and a whole host of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from. That being said, you have everything you need under one roof at Gala Bingo in Aldershot thanks to the excellent facilities on offer.

Expect to find the usual array of treats in liquid or solid form courtesy of the bar and diner and don’t forget to spend some time in the arcades if you fancy something a little different. However, with multiple games of bingo being played all through the day and starting at 10.15am with the early link game, there is plenty to keep you at your table.

Opening Hours

Gala Aldershot does not stay open quite as late as its Hampshire neighbour, Basingstoke Gala, however, it is still a club for the night owls. The club is open from 10am to 1am Monday to Saturday with Sunday opening times being 4pm to 1am.

Main stage bingo starts from 10.15am Monday to Saturday for the early morning session with just the evening session in play on Sunday with that kicking off proceedings at 6.45pm.


Prices at Gala Aldershot vary widely through the week and you will even find free games to be played on Thursday all day long. After the free games, prices start from £3 per session (Wednesday evening) with most midweek games costing around £5 to £6.Sunday evening is the daddy of games though with a £16 entry fee but that includes a link game worth up to £10,000 in prize money and a £1,000 in-house game.


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